Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Return of Angry Asian Food Critic - Now in San Francisco!

Dear fellow food fans, after many months of hiatus, I've finally came out again and decide to put my two cents on different restaurants I'm trying. I was getting a bit depressed in Columbus because I was running out of restaurants that I want to pay a second visit to, and also missed authentic Asian food. At this time, a great chance came up to move to San Francisco, which is much warmer than Columbus and only has about three weeks of winter (they're horrible, tho!!!), I've decided to packed my bags and move with (my now) husband to the Bay.

A while after settling in SF, I've noticed that my taste buds has awaken and have a new meaning to life, of course, that also means I've become even more of a picky eater. I've been hesitant to write another food blog again; however, there are freaking restaurants that I tried recently that just begs me to slam their food because it was so shitty. Therefore, I've decided to lift up my finger and start typing again.

Now onto the food that brought me out of hiatus:

The restaurant that I tried which whipped me back to my blogging phase is located in Stinson Beach called "Stinson Beach Grill." (Yes, it's a very original restaurant name) First off, our party had a reservation, but we still had to wait about 20 minutes to get to our seat because there is no host/hostess to seat us - our one friend had to play the 'handicapped card' to even get us seated in that time! Once we were seated, our waiter (whom I suspected is also the owner) was not doing a good job because he barely came over three times over the course of our dinner. Since it's a nice warm day and I saw that they have paella on their menu, I quickly decided to get a mixed green salad with paella. BIG MISTAKE!

The Menu is more of a Guide...

On the menu it said that the salad comes with candied walnut, tomatoes, and sherry vinaigrette. the salad arrives, the walnut was not candied, and the sherry vinaigrette was so salty it could wilt the lettuce! There is no balance what-so-ever on this so called "salad," and more disappointment is still on the way!

When my paella came, it's supposed to have mussel, clams, and prawns. First, the plate was completely splattered with sauce (thank goodness for my manservant, er husband, who cleaned it), and I did not get my prawns. And when I asked why I didn't get my prawns, our waiter informed me that I will not get my prawns for a while because "the kitchen is backed up right now." The paella was soupy and has no saffron flavor, and the whole dish probably have about 50 grains of rice and the rest was soup. It was the most horrible paella I've ever tasted, AND IT COST ABOUT $20!!!!

Needless to say, my dinner experience was not good at all (though we were with good friends and fun conversation!), and food in Stinson Beach Grill deserves at most 1 on my yummy scale. What a disappointment after a relaxing and fun afternoon at the beach. If you ever go to Stinson Beach and need to places to avoid, Stinson Beach Grill is a good choice.

Stinson Beach Grill is located on (correction) 3465 Highway One, Stinson Beach, CA 94970.