Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Courier Out the Palace

This is a very exciting blog entry because, as you will see later, this blog is a double whammy. Anyways, on with the food. It's a little bit cold today, and plus my last disc of L-Word season 2 is coming in the mail, so I can't really stay out. (Because I have my priorities straight! Damn right!) However, I still need to feed my tummy and writing my blog, oh what a dilemma! This is when I discovered this great place called "Cafe Courier". Cafe Courier is a delivery service company, but it does more than deliver food. Oh yes, it delivers food from different restaurants and it's even possible to order different food from different restaurant and delivered to your own house! You might get slammed on extra delivery charge, but just think about the possibilities! So after carefully choosing the restaurant that we want to try, we ended up getting dinner from Indian Palace.

We placed an order of chicken curry, a tandoori mixed grill that includes two different chicken and shrimp, and garlic Naan. The chicken curry was flavorful and yummy. I usually order mild curry, but this time, due to miscommunication of the Cafe Courier, the curry was spicy. Even though it was flavorful, the curry was so spicy that it cleared out my sinuses and forced me to break down in tears(tears of fire). Therefore, I moved on to the mixed grill. In the mixed grill, there's two different types of tandoori chicken. The regular one appeared red and tasted a bit sweet, which was the type that I'm used to seeing, while the other one was more yellowish/orange and had a more smoky taste. The tandoori shrimp, however, was another spicy dish. The flavor of the shrimp was good, however, it was a little overcooked and tasted a little gummy. But overall the meal was good and didn't interrupt my L-Word time, which is very important.

The Indian Palace gets a 2.75 out of 5 on my yummy scale, and I absolute LOVE Cafe courier because it helped me stay with my true love, L-Word, I mean, my boyfriend... Yeah, that's it.

If you would like to experience the convenience of Cafe courier, you can go to their website at And if you would like a good cry but need a reason, please go to Indian Palace at 5720 Frantz Rd. Dublin, OH 43016.

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your BFF's mom said...

I just came back from lunch at a local restaurant/bar where we had Zaklov (sp?) goulash over noodles. I want to see some good old home cooking critiqued on here. But you're doing an excellent job on the food you've been sampling!