Wednesday, April 19, 2006

North Star points a new direction

The spring is officially here! It was such a sunny day out, and it would be a shame not to walk around in this great weather. So I've decided to go around Short North and see if I could find something interesting. A place called North Star Cafe opened not too long ago and I've been hearing good things about it, but I haven't had a chance to try it out yet. The bright sun and the spring air hinted that today would be a great day for a food adventure, so off I go to try out this new cafe.

The first thing I've noticed about the North Star Cafe is that it has very nice patio seating. Unfortunately, the nice weather has made EVERYONE wanted a seat on the patio, so I've decided to go inside and check out the interior design. There's a wall of different magazine available in the cafe with wide range of interest, such as in art, economy, nature, and discovery. The furniture is in simple shape and the same goes the rest of the accessories. The crowd reflected the eclectic atmosphere of the cafe and their age ranges from 20-something to 60-something. The menu is kept simple yet the items show the interesting combination of fusion flavor. Since the cafe emphasizes on their organic produce (down to the detail of "organic ketchup"), I've decided to try their Chopped Salad and my boyfriend a Chicken Basil Burrito.

The Chopped Salad is made from a mixture of spring lettuce with some shredded cabbage, which adds extra crunch to the flavorful salad mixture. It also includes smoked turkey, crumbled blue cheese, toasted almond, sweet Washington apple, croutons, and their house vinaigrette. The vinaigrette combined with the blue cheese and spread its flavor all around the salad without over powering the delicate flavor of the lettuce. The sweet apple complements the blue cheese very well, and, with a bite of the toasted almond spreads warm and toasty aroma in my mouth, I can definitely appreciate the extra freshness brought by the local organic produce. The smoked turkey was well flavored, but the smokiness overwhelmed the pallet and covers up all other flavors with it. So the smoked turkey can only be taken smaller bite at a time. The Salad also came with rosemary bread, which is a great way to round out the flavor after the meal.

The Chicken Basil Burrito is flavorful as well. The chicken was tender, along with some grilled veggie, well cooked brown rice, and a hint of basil to bring an extra kick to the burrito. The salsa included in the burrito burst the flavor of plump tomato and slight sharpness of the onion. The jalapeno pepper in the salsa give a kick and brightened the flavor of the burrito.

The overall experience was pretty good, and of course the nice weather helped too. I would rank the North Star Cafe a 3.5 out of 5. And the food tastes even better under the nice warm sun!

*UPDATE: If you want to taste the freshness that fills your body AND soul, come to North Star Cafe on 951 N High St. Columbus, OH 43201

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Anonymous said...

You sound like an actual food critic with your descriptions. And I really like the rating system and how you go to the tenths place. It gives me a stronger understanding of the quality of the food. Hopefully I can visit this place one day.

~Impressed in Ithaca