Sunday, April 23, 2006

Dashi, Fossi, Poshi, Rossi

After a great folk concert that filled our soul, my friends and I decided to search something to eat so we could fill our tummy as well. I've taken my friends Earth Goddess*, Granola Girl*, and M.D. Girl*'s suggestion to try Rossi, a busy and swanky bar/restaurant located on, where else, High Street.

When we arrived there around 9:00-ish, the small restaurant was packed with people. We got seated at the bar but it was so loud and we had to shout at each other in order to carry out a conversation. The menu was full of fusion flavor, and some combination was quite interesting. We've decided on two appetizers, which was the tuna tostada and trio of bruschetta, and each ordered different entrees. I had their pistachio crusted salmon, MD Girl ordered the pork tenderloin, and Earth Goddess and GG ordered the filet mignon.

The tuna tostada had black bean puree, Rossi's salsa, rare seared tuna, and some microgreen on top drizzled with balsamic vinegar. The combination was quite good and it actually made me crave Mexican food. The trio of bruschetta had a more traditional bruschetta, and two alternative flavored bruschetta. The traditional one had tomato, fresh mozzarella, and basil on top with balsalmic vinegar, and it was delicious. The tomato was marinated with the vinegar so it was soft and flavorful, along with soft mozzarella and basil, I don't think I'll ever get tired of this combination! One of the alternative flavored bruschetta as rock shrimp and mild garlic cream, and it was quite delicious as well. I admit that I do LOVE garlic, and everything with garlic just taste that much better. The third one, however, was not so good. It had prosciutto paired with white bean puree, which is an odd combination. It was pretty bland, but I will give the chef credit for trying new things.

My pistachio crusted salmon plate had also braised broccoli rabe, lemon cous cous, and pomegranate and molasses vinaigrette. The lemon cous cous was great, and the braised broccoli rabe was seasoned perfectly. But the pistachio crust was a bit salty, so it made the thinner part of the salmon a little bit too salty. The molasses vinaigrette was very sour for some reason, so my whole entree experience was like "oooh, great broccoli rabe and... OH, sour vinaigrette... (>wink< >wink<...)" and "ooh, great cous cous, I can really taste the lemon... OH, sour vinaigrette... (>wink< >wink< >wink< >wink>...)" The overall dish was OK, but the chef did made a point of tying in citric flavor into different ingredient.

MD Girl's pork tenderloin had the most interesting flavor, I think. Because the pork tenderloin was grilled and the sauce was a Kahlua sauce. It tasted surprisingly good and had a little BBQ flavor too. I also had to give MD Girl credit for trying new things and I was very happy to see she had become more foody adventurous! Earth Goddess and GG's filet mignon was very buttery and, I was told, "melt in your mouth". The filet mignon, however, was the only dish that stayed in the traditional route and paired with mashed potato and sauteed spinach. The traditional combination is always a good choice since it's tried and true formula. And this actually gives a non-fusion flavor taster a dish that they can enjoy when they come to Rossi.

The overall rating for Rossi is 3.25 out of 5 on my yummy scale. It is definitely a hot spot for late night outing on the Short North. I've also decided that I should probably write some food critiques outside of short north so my blog can cover more geographic area in Columbus.

If you want some sassy, trendy socialization, please go to Rossi, located at 895 N. High St. Columbus, OH 43215.

*NOTE: The names appeared in this critique has been changed for privacy reasons. The names were made up by their owners, and you'll have to ask them why they picked their alter ego. Thank you.


-M.D. Girl said...

Whoo Hoo! I got a shout out!

Tim J. said...

Cheese is king again! You have to love the classic caprese combo.

The salmon was the only thing I've tried at the Rossi, and drove my decision to not return. Did they use pre-salted pistachios, or what? Mine was so salty it made me cough.

I'd also shave at least another quarter point off my rating simply because they rest on the grave site of Roadhouse Annier's, which, with its ethnically and graphically diverse menu and availability of nearly as great a variety of bottled beers, was my favorite warm-up site during many a chilly gallery hop.

Tim J. said...

P.S. Did you mean "the names appearing" or perhaps "the names that appeared"? As is, it's a touch awkward.