Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Flavor of India Found in North Market

Alright, I know I've been lacking on new postings, but I was on travel a lot lately, so cut me some slacks! Anyways, after my "stuck in Houston" incident yesterday, I've decided to go some place nice for lunch today. Last time when I want to Abbracci (for the rating of Abbracci, please refer to my previous posting), the waitress told me that the chocolatery in North Market was very good. So I thought why not kill two birds with one stone and go to North Market for lunch and dessert. And plus I've got coupons for the Indian food there, and I can't say no to coupons!

There were several food shops in North Market, and the Flavor of India always had long lines in front of it. For the times that I've tried their food, it was all good, but a little more spicy than other Indian restaurants. I ordered their chicken tikki mahki, which consisted of their tandori chicken cooked in tomato sauce with Indian spices, carrots and peas cooked in Indian sauce, and sauteed cabbage and peas. The chicken was very good, and I love the tomato sauce that they cooked the chicken with. It wasn't so tomato-y like the Italian tomato sauce. The overall taste was mild with a little bit of tomato hint, and the Indian spices was warming. The carrots and peas are cooked with different Indian spices, but it was overly carroted. The cabbage and peas were slightly sauteed and still had some crunch to it. Which bring more texture to the otherwise mushy plate. Their Nan, however, was tough and not very good, so it kind of brought down the food experience a little bit.

The overall experience in the Flavor of India was OK. I would rank it 2.5 out of 5 on my yummy scale. Of all the Indian places I've been to, the best one was still Indian Oven, which had both great atmosphere and great food. But for a quick lunch, the Flavor of India would suffice. If you ever want a quick and exotic experience and bring a kick to your boring lunch, please go to North Market at 59 Spruce St. Columbus, OH 43215.

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Tim J. said...

Taj II, my niggaz, represent!

But seriously, I just haven't been to the Indian Oven in a long time. I have good memories, though: that's where I parted the Veil of Spice and entered a paradisiacal realm consisting of the subtle flavors that lay beyond the sheer power of vindaloo. Then I climbed a saffron-hued rope of mango lassi back to earth, where I bid a tearful goodbye to the lining of my stomach.