Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Smokybones Pack A Punch!

Whenever traveling in the southern states, I'm always in a BBQ mood since Food Network has constantly reminded their viewers how good southern BBQ is. So today I've decided to go try some BBQ. I've had a little tummy ache when I was in WV last time while I was trying one of the smaller restaurant, so this time I've decided to stick with a chain restaurant so at least my stomach will be safe.

When I went to Smokybones, the staff there are very friendly and all have southern accent, heavy southern accent. This made me miss Bubble* very much because she used to translate for me when we travel to Arkansas. Anyways, my waitress told me their hand-pulled pork is their best seller and I should definitely give it a try. So I did, along with some cole slaw and sweet tea, I was all set.

There were two types of BBQ sauce on the table for their customer to choose. One was a tomato based BBQ sauce and it's more sweet; the other one is mustard and vinegar based sauce that had a kick and tanginess to it, and both were very tasty. When my food arrive, I've found out that my waitress was right, their hand-pulled pork was tender and juicy and full of flavors. The pork was not overly fatty and not overly smoky either. The cole slaw was done to my liking, which means it was not swimming in mayo. The cole slaw and pull pork sandwich combination was great. The slaw provides a little more sweetness and crunch to the pull pork, with a little bit of their BBQ sauce, I could understand why it became their best seller.

I've also ordered a hot bag of doughnut to go, and on the way driving back to the office was pure torture. Because the heavenly smell of cinnamon sugar swirled inside the car, and I didn't want to eat and drive at the same time, and it had become my dilemma of the day. The doughnut was fabulous! It also came with some strawberry glaze for dipping, which brought a little different flavor than just the regular sweet doughnut.

The Smokybones got a 3.25 out of 5 on my yummy scale, and I think I would need to come back for another bite before I had to go back to Columbus!

I'm not sure if Smokybones has store located in Columbus, but here's their website and you can check it out. http://www.smokybones.com/


ogd#1 said...

We have smokybones in columbus...

Anonymous said...

but apparently you have to go to WV to reaaaallly appreciate it... :P