Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Mad Mex Made Me Mad

Since the south campus had been growing with movie theaters and food places, I figured I should go experience the college crowd and experience youth. The Mad Mex had always been interesting to me, so while it's sunny today, I've decided to go give it a whirl.

The decor in Mad Mex was cool. It had murals and funny masks everywhere. The staff was nice too, very friendly and helpful. But that's about the only good part, because the food was crap. Why, you ask? Because the menu item are full with misleading titles and descriptions and the actual food on the plate mushy and all taste the same. I had their lunch special, which was the Mad Mex Burrito combo with a cup of their chili. The chili tasted spicy, and that's the only flavor there was. And the consistency was clumpy, sort of reminded me of that Hoggy's cold mac & cheese. The burrito was filled with mainly rice and beans and a little bit of protein of your choice. The amazing thing about their burrito was that no matter what kind of burrito you ordered, they all taste freaking the same because of the overloading rice and bean! My boyfriend ordered the fajita burrito, which had no fajita flavor what so ever and the only way to tell that you are eating a "fajita" burrito rather than regular burrito was the shape and some crunch of the pepper and onion, but not by the flavor. The only nice thing on my plate was their guacamole. But that was all that's good about their food.

I regretted going there for lunch today and wasted a great sunny day. And I would rank the food a 2 out of 5 on my yummy scale. If you were super hyper and needed something to calm down your happiness, please try Mad Mex on 1542 North High Street. Columbus, OH 43201. At least they were honest and picked a right name for the restaurant, because the food made me mad. At least there's no false advertisement!


Anonymous said...

the anger was palpable...really....

Tim J. said...

My girlfriend went there with her office during a retreat, and reported not only mediocre food but terrible service.

On another note, thanks for my picture, Beryl!